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Welcome to Dulce&Zoet

Babywearing Made Beautiful






What are Dulce&Zoet Slings?


We make pouch style baby slings that are functional AND stylish, for the active parent who likes to keep their baby close.  Dulce&Zoet slings are made by experienced baby wearing fabric-o-holics, who thought that surely something that you use so often and is so practical can look good as well.


Pouch slings are the simplest, most versatile baby carriers, that will make you feel light and mobile without leaving your baby behind.  In different positions you can wear your baby from birth up to well into toddler years...  Usually your toddler has overcome the need to be carried for longer periods of time by the time it gets too heavy for slinging.


Dulce&Zoet slings are double-layered reversible 100% cotton, and we pick the hippest, yummiest, best looking and best feeling fabrics and keep adding new and exciting combinations all the time.

No buckles, no straps, no padding, just a carefully constructed sized pouch sling that will become one of your favourite items of clothing. It folds away so small you’ll never have to uhm and aah about carrying another bulky baby accessory, it’ll fit easily any purse or bag.



Humans have used aides to carry their children since the beginning of time. This is what slings are made for, they’re the oldest invention in the world, and wearing your baby is still an essential skill.


It's something that you learn, so some help getting baby wearing right can be very important. Be sure that you can see your baby face and you can check on her easily all the time.


Please always ask us if you feel stuck, or you can’t seem to get it right. Find information about different positions here.



We are always adding new fabulous 100% cotton fabrics to the collection.  Also available are the groovy doll slings; perfect gift for a toddler to fell just like mum and dad.




It is all about texture and sensation...every unique piece of fabric will indulge you while "wearing your baby"...ENJOY!!!!!!


Go check out our current range of fabrics here.  If you’re a midwife and are interested in using our slings in birth education please contact us here.



  • 0 months to 2 years (with the same sling)

  • the simplest, most versatile and affordable babycarrier

  • a great way to calm a fussy baby

  • gives you hands free around the house or when out

  • promotes attachment and makes for happy babies

  • not bulky, light, easily washable, beautiful fabrics

  • no complicated buckles and straps

  • handmade in New Zealand

It's the perfect gift, you'll never leave home without it, and it you are EVER EVER out and about with a buggy but end up carrying your child half the time anyway, YOU NEED A SLING!







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