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We're not one to blow our own trumpet but this is what people say about Dulce&Zoet slings and it wouldn't be fair not to share this.  We love hearing from you!



I just want to let you know how happy I've been using you sling. I carried my baby since birth to about 6 months in the sling and I'm now using it again for my 1 year old. It's the easiest and most comfortable sling ever. Baby Oliver loves it too. I get asked all the time where I bought it from as all the slings sold here in Sydney a bit different and double the price!

Thanks for a great product!

Eeva and Oliver



I got one of your slings last year when my daughter was 7 months old.  I don't know what we would do without it!  I use it everywhere and I always get lots of positive comments about it.  I am getting another one so the first one doesn't wear out and my husband is getting one too!


Heather Barbour, Wellington



Just wanted to drop a line to say what a wonderful product the Dulce&Zoet slings are.  Being a Mum of 4 under 5 1/2 means something has to be pretty good for me to sit down and find the time to email, but as a magazine editor (up until child number 3) means I also know that importance of congratulations on a job well done.  I have tried a few slings since starting my family, yours is my fourth, and the only one I have stuck with.  It looks good, and is incredibly easy to use, and little Chloe loves to be in it.  Having a small gap between her and my toddler means that I can have her close to me all the time whilst helping him, without the fiddle and bulk that often comes along with some front packs.  To be honest it's probably my most recommended 'thing' to friends and family this far, and a close friend who's just had her number 4 is awaiting the arrival of hers with anticipation.


Thank you so much, without sounding too corny, it has made this 'little' baby stage all the more enjoyable and manageable.


Cherie Gregory, Auckland



Our best friend, living in New Zealand, gave us a present for the birth of our first child: a Dulce&Zoet sling!  And we love it.  In fact, it is, in my opinion, the best sling you can get on the vast market of slings: it is easy to handle, it adapts fantastically to the baby and it is stylish.  What do we want more?


Tina Rychlik, UK



I've got two of your slings.  They are the best thing I've got for my baby.  Who needs a pram!?  I can't leave the house without somebody asking me where I got them from.


Zoe, Auckland



I'm the mother of four, including twin girls.  I've always worn my babies/toddlers, but came into problems when my girls came along.  I saw a pouch sling and figured I could wear one on each shoulder.


Life is so much easier, I can quickly run an errand without a double buggy and still have my hands free to carry a purse etc.  PLUS I don't have to negotiate with two children wanting to go in different directions!


Allison Butcher, Wellington



I was given one of your slings with my third baby and found your great website on the tag.


I just wanted to say how GREAT it is!!  Its so much easier and more comfy than the rest I've tried.  I am a big advocate for wearing your bubs and am a great believer in attachment style parenting, longtime nursing...


My first baby 8yrs ago, I bought a sling off a lady at my local La Lache League meeting who used to make them.  (People thought I was very odd never putting this baby down!)


The slings was worn to death!  It was put to rest when finally the puppy chewed it!  LOL  I then decided to splash out and buy a 'naturesway' one with my boy (as he was a 13 pounder and it just about killed my back) that has been fine... but I've been using your sling lately with my third bonny baby and hands down I think its the BEST one I've had so far!  Especially how I can always hide it away in my bag, for those times like in the middle of Pak and Save and bubs has had enough!


SO anyway... I'm very impressed and just wanted to say a bit THANK YOU!  I'm sure there are 1000's of happier babies out there, just where they should be at mother's side.


Rakel King, Auckland



Just a quick email to tell you how pleased I am with your product, I purchased the sling from your stall at Coatsville market.  Unfortunately pervious to buying your sling, I bought two that were either too bulky or uncomfortable.  My 3 month old son loves being carried in the sling and I find it a great aid for helping to calm him down during grizzly moments.  As the slings are size related this magic made my husband quite jealous, so we rushed out and bought him one too.  Its wonderful because he can watch the world go by in the sling and I can get on with other things.  We get so many lovely comments from people when they see his little head popping out and staring.


Many thanks Tina, Rory and baby Blake



I have been meaning to write for a while now, but just haven't had the chance.  THANK YOU for your wonderful sling :-) I'm not very good at buying things over the internet, I like to try things out before I buy.  So I spent A LOT of time looking at all the different slings available but yours seemed to match my requirements the best very lightweight, compact and no extra padding also I loved the fact that you had a NZ fabric as I mainly wanted your sling while travelling.  So So I just went for it - hey what a success!!!

We haven't headed off on our 4 month OE yet but 18 month old Scarlett is loving being in it when out and about in town and she's too tired to walk and it's really really comfortable for me to wear.  Every time I've worn it I have had really cool comments as well.  Thanks for a brilliant product.  I'll be sure to send photos of the sling in action :-)


Regards, Georgina




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